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Small group dog walks

When you choose London and Country for your dog walking needs, we’ll collect your dog directly from your home. Arriving promptly in the morning, we’ll journey to the beautiful Surrey countryside. We’ll spend the day exploring farmland, forests, hills, and streams together. With so many amazing sights, sounds and smells to discover, your dog’s walk with us will be the highlight of their week!


What sets London and Country apart from many other pet care companies is that we collect your dog from London and rather than taking them to a facility for the entire day, we make the most of the Surrey countryside by hiking for 2/4 hours depending on the energy levels of the group. We adapt the walk and if anyone needs a rest and a drink we’re able to cater for that. Sometimes we carry the smaller puppies in a puppy pouch until their fitness levels reach their full potential while the bigger dogs can make full use of the space and run and chase each other.


Also keeping groups to between four and six dogs allows us to better supervise them and provide them with all the care and attention they deserve. What’s more, your dog will benefit from socialising in a safe environment as the pack builds a close bond over time.

Exercising safely in the surrey countryside

With so much open space and no roads or cars nearby, your dog can exercise and let off steam safely. You can rest assured that your dog will have plenty of opportunities to not just expel their excess energy but have lots of fun too.

You can look forward to your dog being returned to you happy, healthy, and tired!  For your peace of mind, our transport is fitted with crates with comfortable beds for safety during transit. For dogs that don’t like crates, dodgy seatbelts are also available.

Dog training services

At London and Country Pet Care, we provide dog training to meet your specific requirements. Based on classic and operant conditioning, we can tailor our service to your dog’s needs. Whether your pet requires puppy training, obedience training or counter conditioning, we can assist. We’ll create a bespoke training plan to aid your dog’s development. 

Company owner, Emma, has learned from the best in the business when it comes to training. Inspired by internationally renowned dog trainer Michael Ellis, she has learned highly effective skills and tricks for training even the most excitable, unruly and disobedient dogs.


Gain the tools to communicate with your dog

Emma teaches people the tools they need to communicate with their dog. Once you understand the science behind reward based training, you can build on these fundamentals to take your dog’s training as far as you want it to go. Experts recommend that you should train your dog for the rest of their life, rather than just as a puppy. Not only does training help your dog to become more obedient and better behaved, but it’s a wonderful way to bond with them. Training is a fun experience for both of you and something that your dog will look forward to each day.


Mental stimulation is equally important as physical for dogs. Training leaves your dog happy and content, which means better behaviour and helping to avoid those embarrassing moments in public. With regular training provided by an experienced dog trainer like Emma, you can say goodbye to excessive barking, chewing or any undesirable behavior brought on by frustration, resulting in an all-round happier dog.

Private boarding services

London and Country Pet Care offer private boarding for dogs of all breed and sizes. Emma regularly welcomes dogs into her home, making sure they’re cared for and loved whilst their owners are away. When you choose London and Country for pet boarding in London or Surrey, you can relax in the knowledge that your dog will be warm, comfortable, and safe for the duration of their stay.


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